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With more than 100 years experience, the Pluradent Group is one of the leading distribution and service companies in the European healthcare sector. We cooperatively develop ground breaking concepts for sustainable success. Pluradent also supplies dental practices, dental clinics and dental labs with consumables, equipment and a wide range of services.

For Dentists

We realise the importance of putting clients first and our goal is to exceed your expectations at all times. We not only offer our clients a unique product suite but as part of our holistic service offering seek to provide personalised solutions that add value at every level.

Our Goal

Our goal is to become your full-service provider and to facilitate your purchasing and procurement processes. Our partnerships with some of the leading German and International manufacturers allow us to deliver to you the widest range premium products and brands. In addition we provide an extensive range of professional consultancy and individual, tailor-made solutions.

Pluradent Services

The proven Pluradent services will gradually and step by step be introduced and established in Iran.

Ground breaking concepts
Attractive design concepts
Versatile training opportunities
Professional foundation & handover of dental clinics
Reliable technical service
Holistic consulting
Optimal product range
Individual network solutions

For Partners

Being a modern and ground breaking company, Pluradent PARS 2017 launched a German-Iranian joint venture in the Iran. Understanding the local requirements, we aim to deliver innovative Pluradent concepts as well as German and international premium branded products. Our goal is to support improving the local dental health conditions. Our advanced services deliver significant added value for users and patients. Many years of expertise and a detailed knowledge of the dental market Iran are provided by our local partner.

In order to deliver this vision, we will develop tailor-made and holistic solutions for our Iranian customers. In accordance with our mission as a quality and innovative leader, we work with selected partners, who aim to take the opportunities of a changing dental world.

For Distributors

Benefit from local and international Pluradent experience together with an assurance of quality. As a distribution partner, the Pluradent PARS offers significant advantages in terms of service, reach and market penetration:

• Access to new dentists, practices and clinics
• Local know-how and market knowledge
• State-of-the-art logistics
• Outstanding service and service competence

For Manufacturers

Iran is considered to be one of the emerging markets of our time. As a driver of innovation, Pluradent PARS aims to offer the largest product range in the market whilst becoming the first full-service provider for dental products and selected services in Iran. Pluradent PARS aims to create multiple layers of added value for dental professionals by facilitating and optimizing the purchasing and procurement process via one central point.

The collaboration with Pluradent PARS offers manufacturers the following advantages:
•    Regional presence, strength and competence through our own employee run offices
•    Access to local customers and distributors
•    State-of-the-art logistics and infrastructure
•    Local sales and training expertise
•    Simplification of export activities
•    Designated services and service orientation
•    Compliance with all legal requirements
•    Reliability, efficiency and profitability

About Pluradent

With a yearly turnover of approximately 300 million euros, the Pluradent Group is one of the leading distribution and service companies in the European healthcare sector. Over 30 branches at home and abroad and more than 1200 employees enable the group to offer a wide range of services to dentists and dental technicians.


Pluradent’s success rests on the company's highly motivated and competent employees as well its strength in the dental market. For several years running, Pluradent has been recognized by Focus magazine as one of Germany’s best employers, most recently in February 2017.

Ground Breaking

Pluradent came into being through the merger of a number of leading regional dental depots in Germany, the oldest of which date back to 1915. The families that owned the business at the time formed the group of partners, making Pluradent the largest family-owned dental company in Germany today.


In partnership with their clients, the staff of Pluradent develop trailblazing concepts that help drive sustainable success. In addition, the Pluradent group supplies dental practices, clinics and laboratories with not only materials and equipment but also a comprehensive range of other added value services.

Dental Market Iran

The winds have changed since 2014 in Iran. Sanctions were softened and partly cancelled. The country is rapidly gaining importance and, supported by an open and dynamic government, Iran now offers a unique potential for commerce and business with its more than 80 million inhabitants. 73% of the inhabitants live in conurbations. Their education is above average. Curiosity, open-mindedness and knowledge dominate a predominantly young population. Preference exists for high-quality technologies and products from Germany. Especially the dental market is characterized by progress and pioneering.

The dental market Iran at a glance

• Volume 400 million EUR (consumables)
• 25,000 dentists (45% with their own practice)
• 1,000 private hospitals and approx. 100 public dental clinics
• 62 universities



Headquarter Teheran

13th floor, Building 2609 - Sayeh Tower
Soltani (Sayeh) st., Vali Asr st.

Amir Masoud Ranjbar


+98 21 48009350-5
+98 21 22042188


Stefan D. Taborek

Member of Board Pluradent Pars

+98 21 48009350-5
+98 21 22042188


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